Monday, January 24, 2011


I went to a Datsik and 12th planet show in Santa Cruz last weekend. It was truly amazing! 12th Planet has been around for awhile with lots of remixes on his songs such as

This next one is a remix of Jinder's Youth Blood. The Swede's voice just seems to go great with Dubstep and other house, electro, etc. I couldn't believe my ears when 12th planet dropped this! Complete Eargasm.
 Last but not least Datsik! the Canadian Dubstep producer never failed to meet expectations. He played an electro sound that I feel in love with. I can see him creating a new genre dub-tro perhaps? He played all the grimy sounds you could think of. From firepower to I don't like you with lil jon. Here's my favorite tune at the moment. Enjoy!

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