Sunday, January 30, 2011

Saturday, January 29, 2011

SYMBIZ German Flith Skrillex

 This next guy I stumbled on while viewing soundcloud. Wanted to see what a German dubstepper would sound like. Sure enough it was great! this guy will be huge! He is touring in Germany right now, can't wait for him to get international! Little of Siruismo in here?

Skankin by SYMBIZ

Everyone loves Zelda!


Who Cares? by SYMBIZ

Little Skrillex and Bare Noise never hurt anyone.
Skrillex & Bare Noize ft Foreign Beggars "Scattah" by ForeignBeggars

Friday, January 28, 2011

Netsky and Getter Bay Area!

Netsky,(not to get confused with the virus) A Belgian musician, in less than 12 months Netsky secured releases with more than five labels. He was also voted upcoming best producer. One of his songs was played at TAO by Pendulum so you know he's got steez! Miike Snow - Black & Blue (netsky remix) (radioclip) by netsky 
This song has got a good rhythm to it I feel. Nice lil dubby action as well.
This is his most popular song
Netsky_I Refuse by Insane1
Getter is born in San Jose. Can't say I remember him opening for datsik but he was defiantly there. He's got great style and good flow. Can't say I can compare him to many people. Perhaps Benga? I love his different styles he brings. Will be great! 
Who Shot Ya? (Featuring Getter) RE-EDITED (Unsigned) by Minnesota
Datsik-Nuke'em (Remix) FULL by Getter
Getter & We Bang - Bad Tingz (Forthcoming Tuff Love Dubs) by Getter

BTW netsky looks like Justin Biber lol

Thursday, January 27, 2011


I've heard heard of cookie monsta before and wasn't too impressed. I came across the "ginger pubes" song yesterday and there was immediate love!! Its super dirty. LOL I guess that's why its called "ginger pubes" haha I'm not calling gingers dirty. Perhaps just there pubes, anyways here it is by popular demand Cookie Monsta- Ginger Pubes It gets really intense so make sure your up for it! Next for I have Funtcase .50 caliber!! Its gotta nice build up and the drop is well worth the wait. I'm really liking these vocal beginnings of the song such as rusko, datsik, now things like this. It adds a lot. Funtcase- .50 Calibar
Here's also another good tune from Helicopter Showdown. A lot like skrillex and should be on the way to being a well know name. Helicopter Showdown. These tunes are dirty than that homeless guy that got all those announcing deals!


Wobble Wednesday

Due to me working and going to class all day to day and sleeping as soon as I got home because I'm still recovering from Datsik and 12th Planet I will post this late. Here are some nasty nasty grimy dirt in my ear wobbles. You gotta love them this one stumbled onto the other day. It shows how vocals can make a track and how well it goes with the wobble. This a perfect blend of piano, vocal and wobble!!! Morgan Page - The Longest Road feat. Lissie (Grifta Remix) Morgan Page is a Electro House DJ from LA whose currently on tour! Be sure to pay him a visit if he rolls through your hood! Grifta is Dubstep, DNB producer out of you guessed it! London! Seems like everyone's out of there these days. Last but not least I have for you a new tune from Phetsta! The Drum and Bass man from Perth (seems like the best DNB comes from there) has gone a lil dubby! FTW here's his new tune!Phesta-Run you down

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Australia Day!!!

I have friends from Perth and Melbourne and they introduced the international Drum an Bass sensation in Pendulum. If you have never heard that name then you need to get with the program!! There amazing I saw the bass player do a 1hr long DJ set at TAO and he straight killed it!!! So amazing! These jungle beats will get you dancing like apes in no time! Enjoy!

Pendulum- Blood Sugar
Pendulum- Watercolour
Blood Sugar is a pretty nasty track. It gets really crazy I didn't like it at first but I'm sure you'll learn to like what it has to offer. Witchcraft and Watercolour are a little more rocky is but you can still feel that DNB that you need to hear. I wasn't to fond of this band at first but then I listen to Immersion. Download that an it will change your view on music for the better. Hope you like the music! Cheers!

Monday, January 24, 2011


I went to a Datsik and 12th planet show in Santa Cruz last weekend. It was truly amazing! 12th Planet has been around for awhile with lots of remixes on his songs such as

This next one is a remix of Jinder's Youth Blood. The Swede's voice just seems to go great with Dubstep and other house, electro, etc. I couldn't believe my ears when 12th planet dropped this! Complete Eargasm.
 Last but not least Datsik! the Canadian Dubstep producer never failed to meet expectations. He played an electro sound that I feel in love with. I can see him creating a new genre dub-tro perhaps? He played all the grimy sounds you could think of. From firepower to I don't like you with lil jon. Here's my favorite tune at the moment. Enjoy!