Thursday, January 27, 2011

Wobble Wednesday

Due to me working and going to class all day to day and sleeping as soon as I got home because I'm still recovering from Datsik and 12th Planet I will post this late. Here are some nasty nasty grimy dirt in my ear wobbles. You gotta love them this one stumbled onto the other day. It shows how vocals can make a track and how well it goes with the wobble. This a perfect blend of piano, vocal and wobble!!! Morgan Page - The Longest Road feat. Lissie (Grifta Remix) Morgan Page is a Electro House DJ from LA whose currently on tour! Be sure to pay him a visit if he rolls through your hood! Grifta is Dubstep, DNB producer out of you guessed it! London! Seems like everyone's out of there these days. Last but not least I have for you a new tune from Phetsta! The Drum and Bass man from Perth (seems like the best DNB comes from there) has gone a lil dubby! FTW here's his new tune!Phesta-Run you down

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