Thursday, January 27, 2011


I've heard heard of cookie monsta before and wasn't too impressed. I came across the "ginger pubes" song yesterday and there was immediate love!! Its super dirty. LOL I guess that's why its called "ginger pubes" haha I'm not calling gingers dirty. Perhaps just there pubes, anyways here it is by popular demand Cookie Monsta- Ginger Pubes It gets really intense so make sure your up for it! Next for I have Funtcase .50 caliber!! Its gotta nice build up and the drop is well worth the wait. I'm really liking these vocal beginnings of the song such as rusko, datsik, now things like this. It adds a lot. Funtcase- .50 Calibar
Here's also another good tune from Helicopter Showdown. A lot like skrillex and should be on the way to being a well know name. Helicopter Showdown. These tunes are dirty than that homeless guy that got all those announcing deals!


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