Friday, January 28, 2011

Netsky and Getter Bay Area!

Netsky,(not to get confused with the virus) A Belgian musician, in less than 12 months Netsky secured releases with more than five labels. He was also voted upcoming best producer. One of his songs was played at TAO by Pendulum so you know he's got steez! Miike Snow - Black & Blue (netsky remix) (radioclip) by netsky 
This song has got a good rhythm to it I feel. Nice lil dubby action as well.
This is his most popular song
Netsky_I Refuse by Insane1
Getter is born in San Jose. Can't say I remember him opening for datsik but he was defiantly there. He's got great style and good flow. Can't say I can compare him to many people. Perhaps Benga? I love his different styles he brings. Will be great! 
Who Shot Ya? (Featuring Getter) RE-EDITED (Unsigned) by Minnesota
Datsik-Nuke'em (Remix) FULL by Getter
Getter & We Bang - Bad Tingz (Forthcoming Tuff Love Dubs) by Getter

BTW netsky looks like Justin Biber lol

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