Tuesday, April 19, 2011

How is it over?

Man that was by far the most epic weekend I've had. It just went by so fast. I know sit here and compare my experience to what I think reality is. I'm so over school, can't wait for it too be over. Coachella was amazing minus the heat I saw all my favorites, Church of Noise AKA bloody beetroots threw down so fat. Magnetic Man played songs that I didn't appreciate at first. The culture of this event is truly amazing full of positive people that you'll never forget and experience is legendary. Next year make your way out there from where ever you are. I've just been chilling on Moombahtoon all day.
Rusko-Everyday (Boyfriend Moombahton Edit) by maddecent
Munchi - Me And My Bitch by Munchi
ohh this song is cool too :)
ApathY Dubstep-Saria's Song(Bassstep)Legend of Zelda(1000 Facebook fans=free download)link in description. by ApathY Dubstep

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