Sunday, April 24, 2011


Hey this is Jeff's bud Tiffany I'm gonna start blogging about sick dj's and songs that I'm into and on my mind at the moment. I'm pretty new at this whole blogging thing so I hope I'll get the hang of this soon! I'm more into the house and trance scene but I also like the more nitty gritty dupstep that jeff's into ;)

Anyways, who is stoked for EDC this year????! I'm a little bummed that it's not at the USC coliseum but Vegas is going to be crazy! Here's a new upbeat track from Swedish House Mafia who is headlining this year..Get stoked it's the new summer jam!

Also, who's ready for Porter Robinson??? He's coming to sb may 13th, so get your tix!! I love working out to his beats his songs always pump me up

Here's one of my favorite jams to work out to, enjoy!

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