Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Listen to some caaaandy!

Lineup for extravaganza just came out yesterday and guess who's coming to ucsb??! That's right, RUSKO! He always knows how to make the crowd get down with some hot and heavy wobbles. Can't wait to see his set next sunday!

Also check out this this remix of Div kid's Dropkick by David Menezes, who is from Brazil! he adds an exotic funk to Div kid's already heavier, more progressive house sound, its pretty sick!!

Lastly can I just vent about school?? School's kicking my ass right now..I have too many stoooopid midterms and papers all due at the same time, but in the end who cares? I probably won't remember half the shit I learn in cawledge, so live it up light one up..relax and enjoy the's too short to stress

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