Thursday, May 19, 2011

Summer Starts

Yaa done with finals noww just don't know what to do? Well this summer is gonna consist of more posts on here, Earmilk posts of course (still have to give more on there). Just got some Pioneer 1000's that will be a big part of my summer! Maybe I'll put mixes up?? We'll see. Since I'm going to be covering shows all summer I'm gonna need somewhere to put up pictures.. SOOO might have to hop on the bandwagon an start a tumblr. Don't worry I'll have music on here an just photos on there.

So thats the current update. I still have features on Earmilk on Fridays and Wednesday!

Blackmill - Spirit of Life (Full Version) by Blackmill
DOCTRINE - Celestial by doctrinemusic

this skream track is a perfect way to head into the summer!
Skream - Summer Dreams by bitelz

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