Sunday, February 13, 2011

Sunday Skream

After learning what dubstep actually is I've really learned to appreciate Skream the man outta Croydon south London is considered one of the pioneers of the genre. He grew up with benga another dubstep superstar, this guy is amazing at only 24 he is defiantly one of the kings. Skream and Benga have also collaborated to make magnetic man check them out too. I highly recommend downloading his whole discography. Also check out his soundcloud! Everything on there is fire. skreamizm.

This next one was considered one of the breakthroughs of his career got him on the map made dubstep more noticed 
LA ROUX in for the kill "skream remix" by tranber
Skream - Rutten [] by DJ Sketcha
This might be my favorite
Skream - Skwelcha by Jeffzorz
Skream and Example - Shot Yourself In The Foot Again by Ministry of Sound
not to dubby but I love it!
Skream - How Real (Ft. Freckles) by Oneiric*<_*

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